Insidious & Sinister May Crossover, Says Jason Blum

Posted 2018/01/11 0 0

A potentially awesome horror crossover could be heading our way in the future.


A crossover between horror movie franchises Insidious and Sinister is very much on the cards. Speaking with CinePop, Jason Blum, a producer on both properties, talked about the potential crossover.

“We almost did Insidious and Sinister… and I still feel like we might do that,” Blum told the site. “So I think so. I think we’re gonna cross our worlds at some point. I don’t know how yet. But we’re gonna try.”

Blum also talked about the future of the Insidious franchise, noting that if The Last Key was to do well at the box office (which it did), a fifth film was a guarantee.

“There’s no plans right now. But if the movie is successful, we’ll definitely make another one,” said Blum. “I don’t know what it will be about yet, but I’d love to make another installment. The most we got to was Paranormal [Activity]. We had six [films]. So maybe we’ll try and beat it with Insidious. Maybe we’ll do seven.”

Both franchises kicked off with strong entries that scored well with critics and earned big box-office from small budgets. Their follow-ups haven’t been nearly as good creatively, but the six films of both franchises so far have earned a combined total of $554 million worldwide. Given that both Insidious and Sinister revolve around the premise of supernatural nasties tormenting the living, merging the narratives of the two franchises should be a relatively easy task. Sinister‘s Pagan deity Bughuul, and Insidious‘ “The Further” realm have shared little in common thus far, but it’s entirely plausible that both threats could co-exist within the same fictional universe. It would be very interesting to see villains from both franchises fighting over the soul of a single human child, or something to that effect.