Idris Elba On How The Dark Tower Can Expand Moving Forward

Posted 2017/08/03 1725 0

The TV prequel/sequel to The Dark Tower is already in the works!


Reviews for “The Dark Tower” were unleashed on the world late Wednesday night and, in general, the critics were not pleased. Variety‘s Owen Gleiberman penned one of the kinder reviews of the movie, calling it a “a slice of lean-and-mean metaphysical action pulp.” Other critics were not so enthusiastic, earning the flick a current 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, there's a chance that the film will find its redemption by way of the planned TV prequel that would cover the past of Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger. In particular, Elba's thoughts on the televised portion of the project, to which he's loosely attached, consist of the following:

“It would serve us both right to maybe delve into other areas we can't do in the film in TV. Who knows? I'm excited, I love TV, and I think TV is an amazing space. I think where the film has a responsibility to cram a lot into a sort of space of time, television allows us to take our time a little bit. And I think, perhaps, that'd be a really good thing for this franchise.”

Glen Mazzara, known for his work on The Walking Dead and The Shield, has been tapped as the showrunner for the forthcoming TV prequel/sequel to The Dark Tower. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is working towards a straight-to-series 10-to-13 episode production with filming to begin next year. A network is not yet attached.

The TV series will exist in the same universe as the feature film, with Idris Elba set to reprise his role as Roland Deschain, a.k.a. the Gunslinger. Dennis Haysbert (Roland’s father, Steven Deschain) and Tom Taylor (Jake Chambers) are also expected to star in the TV series.

The plot will revolve around a younger Roland and his group, with those roles currently uncast. The TV entry will be based on Wizard in Glass, the fourth book in The Dark Tower series. While insiders do not see the potential TV series as a prequel, an origin story is more appropriate to describe the vision for the project.

The Dark Tower is in theaters Friday.