Sicario: Brutal to the Extreme

Posted 2015/11/29 3910 0

This movie is obviously a "phenomenon" when it has been mentioned a lot by cinema lovers with IMDb of 8.0, Rotten Tomatoes of 90% - the extremely high scores for a movie which was not promoted a lot.

Mexico is traditionally a transit country for Colombia drugs to pass through en route to the United States (the largest demand market for drug consumption). For that reason, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is often called "the most dangerous city in the world", where there are hundreds of murders on a monthly basis. Tortured, beheaded bodies are everywhere, and the life of the local is dominated by mafia gangs. And this is where the movie is set. While Sicario may be guilty of exoticising the “murder capital” reputation of Juárez and its environs, it does so in a way that is horribly efficient, exploiting our anxieties and expectations with cruel precision.
Mexico is right next to USA, the most powerful country in the world, but what you see in the movie will be just like a Middle East battlefield with mutilated corpses hanging from bridge, with gunfire lightening a corner at night, and the shootings sounding like festival fireworks. It's where an experienced police panics while seeing her teammates shoot at everything which they think might be a risk on the road, where people calmly view dead people like a dead cat. That's where Alejandro call "the land of wolves". In that place, you can not find the boundary between good and evil. 

There are many movies that intentionally build up an anti-hero character but you can still put your hope in him, because you believe that he will only kill bad people. There is no such a “he” in Sicario, there are only Kate and her teammates who think that they are fighting for justice and following the law but eventually they realize that they haven’t helped much. There is Kate’s new boss is special agent Matt Graver, who wins the award for this year’s most ironic wearer of flip-flops and there is twitchy Alejandro who is the real centre of attention, a former prosecutor and a loose cannon whose trembling nightmares embody the narrative’s anxious heart of darkness. This is an eye-for-eye world, if you kill my loved ones, I will kill yours, there is no sympathy at all, even when it’s just a baby. Quite, unpredictable and decisive, Alejandro never hesitates to pull the trigger. He is evil and has no dignity of a policeman, but he's extremely helpful in this drug war. You might get the fear of facing him - as Kate has to experience - and that he would never think twice even when you are a 3-year-old kid or a weak woman.

Kate – representing for us, the audience – step by step enter the land of wolves and then the cruelest side of humans is shown, which makes you panic. Towards the end, the movie pushes us to the point of suffocation, and the ending will freak you out: Everything you have believed for long suddenly collapses. "Brutal to the extreme" is what I think of Sicario. We are scared because we somehow believe that the things on the screen are actually happening somewhere on our Earth.